Monday, June 29, 2009

Good Afternoon...I hope everyone had a great weekend...mine was busy as always...we just bought our first home in April and its been crazy trying to get it just the way I want it...the whole house was BRIGHT yellow with the exception of Channing's room it was a light turqouis...well he decided to paint his room a dark red color...I allowed it because it's the first time he has been able to have anything other than white...the rest of the house I painted brownish color..which I just now we are having to deal with yard work and in the Georgia's NO FUN...but it's a work in progress...

I'm going to use this blog as my selling blog... so I hope to get something's listed this week...

Have a great Day!!


  1. Hi Heather...any sister of Jen's has to be the nicest person...cause Jen is a sweetheart. I wish you all kinds of luck with all of your "Homestead Wares". I look forward to checking back soon.


  2. Hi Heather....I am an online friend of Jennifer. Pleased to 'meet' you. Good luck with your selling blog. Your work looks lovely. xxxRobby